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Published: 25-Nov-2021      Updated: 13-Jan-2022 By Perth Pressure Cleaning - Free
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Granite Floor Cleaning Services Perth

We recently were asked to pressure clean granite stone tiles in a new Perth restaurant. To complicate matters, the restaurant was part of an existing food court. Construction work caused dust to settle on the tiles making the floor look dirty.

Dust and sand can scratch the floor causing permanent damage. The last thing our client would want. A new granite floor with permanent marks would not be a good start.

Working in a food court can be tricky. Our aim is always to limit the impact on other shops and pedestrians going about their daily shopping.

Our client was very specific about what he wanted. Blend the floor in with the other open plan areas. Gentle cleaning was required. On a new floor, the cleaning should never impact the tiles, sealant, or colour. 

This requires adjustments to our normal industrially powerful equipment.

Which Adjustments Did We Make?

The owner of our company is a technical expert in adjusting equipment to a specific task.

The size of our vacuum suction was adjusted to be less concentrated. This was done by enlarging the area of the suction orifice. Weaker suction eliminates the risk of grout damage.

We also changed the spray pattern from 15 degrees tips that we would normally use on concrete driveways to a non-abrasive 40-degree tip. Again the focus was to clean effectively without being too aggressive. To avoid impacting the normal foot traffic, the job was done with our mobile electric vacuum. This also helped to minimise the noise hazard.

The client was concerned about our cleaning process changing the look of the floor. As a further concession, our technicians did not use cleaning chemicals in the restoration process.

Our client was really happy with the granite floor cleaning result. The floor dried and the dust and dirt were removed. The granite tiles look new as intended.

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