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Tennis Court Cleaning Dural

Aug 30 '23

This video is partially showcasing us clean a tennis court in Dural Sydney North West region

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House Washing Sydney

Aug 21 '23

This house washing sydney video shows washing the underside of louver mould. many houses in sydney showcase mould, mould can eat away at stone, metal roofs, painted walls etc

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School Pressure Cleaning Services

Education Facility Exterior Cleaning

Highly experienced Public & Private school exterior building and ground pressure cleaning crew with 32 yrs experience on the job maintaining high schools and primary schools, pre schools, Tafes, universities, education facilities.

Real Estate Shopfront Cleaning Padstow All Articles

Shop front Pressure Cleaning In Sydney

Shopfront Pressure Cleaning Sydney
 Over the years has seen us pressure clean many various types of shopfronts for various reasons, mainly its a g...

High Reach Pressure Cleaning Gun
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High Reach Pressure Washing

We are demonstrating washing a commercial brick building that has many years of mould on building facade and some new cement mortar repairs recently done, can be cleaned using a 7mtre long high reach pressure cleaning gun comfortable from the ground. We avoided hiring a scissor lift saving the customer money.
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Ride On High Pressure Water Cleaning

Servo Clean in Perth WA are leading the way in re inventing how to clean concrete floors with this modified electric wheelchair turned into a ride ...
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Professional High Pressure Water Cleaning Truck 1

Aqua Capture Pty LTD in Brisbane QLD showing off their latest professional high pressure water cleaning system on truck whislt onsite cleaning a co...
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Vacuum Recovery High Pressure Water Cleaning

This video showcase`s vacuum recovery high pressure water cleaning of a large commercial concrete floor area. Removing the surface coating and vacu...

Pressure washing brick house
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Pressure Washing an Older Brick Home

To pressure wash an older brick home safely, a small amount of preparation can be very helpful.

oil stains from concrete driveway
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How to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway 1

A pressure washer can help with removing stains from a concrete driveway and restoring its condition and appearance.