House Washing Sydney

21-Aug-2023 By Sydney East Pressure Cleaning | Glen Adams


 We love house washing Sydney, over the years has seen us clean many many homes, some of the most expensive houses in Sydney Australia, our attention to detail is key factors of our success, we understand the nature of the surface before we clean it, house pressure washing in the wrong hands can be damaging, so ensure you have the right team at your house.

 Glen Adams is the person whom will be attending to your house wash with 32 years experience running this business starting at 21Yrs of age back in 1991 and still powering on 2023 cleaning many many home exterior surfaces across Sydney, your in safe hands.

We are fully licensed with NSW Fair Trading, fully insured and trained staff working along side Glen.

 House washing can involve cleaning roof top, gutters, fascia boards, eaves, walls windows and frames, patio awning, verandahs, stairs, pathways, driveway, pool areas, garage floors & walls, garden walls, rockeries, outdoor furniture removing all signs of dirt, mould, lichen, organic stains, spiders and cobwebs.  


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