School Pressure Cleaning Services

Education Facility Exterior Cleaning

By Campbelltown Pressure Cleaning | Glen

Highly experienced Public & Private school exterior building and ground cleaning crew with 32 yrs experience on the job maintaining high schools and primary schools, pre schools, Tafes, universities, education facilities. to keep that fresh new look always. 
At schools we can high pressure water clean your roof areas, gutters, eaves, walls, awning structures (top & underside shade sails, painted surfaces, toilet washroom amenities, at ground level we mostly pressure wash concrete paths, stairs, pavers and garden brick walls removing all signs of mould, dirt, food stains, organic matter, bird excrement and chewing gum.
If you manage your school cleaning services then ensure the contractors are licensed pressure cleaning contractors with NSW Fair Trading as we are 100% fully licensed

We deal directly with the schools administration to help keep cost down, no third party involvement.

Fully Insured 

Remember 32 yrs experience pressure cleaning schools we don`t make mistakes, arrange us for a free school cleaning quote.


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