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Tools and Equipment

Ride On High Pressure Water Cleaning

Servo Clean in Perth WA are leading the way in re inventing how to clean concrete floors with this modified electric wheelchair turned into a ride ...
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Professional High Pressure Water Cleaning Truck 1

Aqua Capture Pty LTD in Brisbane QLD showing off their latest professional high pressure water cleaning system on truck whislt onsite cleaning a co...

How to Wash Windows With a Pressure Washer
Tools and Equipment

Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Windows

Using a pressure washer to clean exterior windows

surface cleaner attachment
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Useful Attachments for Your Pressure Washer 1

These pressure washer attachments are particularly helpful. They save you time and effort, increase safety, and reduce stress during the task.

roof wash compilation
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Pressure Washing Your Roof - DIY or Professionals?

Should you pressure wash your own roof? Or call in your local professional roof cleaning team?

pressure washer safety
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Pressure Washing Safety Gear and Tips

Basic safety equipment and guidelines for a problem-free pressure wash.

adding detergent (karcher vid)
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Child and Pet-Safe Detergents for Your Pressure Washer

Enviro-safe detergents to use in pressure washing, available in Australia

gutter washing attachment
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Pressure Washing Roofs and Gutters - Preparing for Bushfire Season

Clear your roof and gutter of all leaves, twigs, branches and debris to ensure it is as safe as possible before any fire approaches.
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Pressure Clean a 6 car driveway in 10 minutes

Check out this video on how to clean your driveway in 10 minutes or less.