Child and Pet-Safe Detergents for Your Pressure Washer

19-Nov-2018 By BWS

Child-safe, Pet-safe and Garden-safe Detergents for Your Pressure Washer

After your house has been pressure washed you may find small pools of water and damp or muddy soil around the base of your home. These can be magnets for pets and small children, especially in hot weather. As well, the moisture will go into the ground around any plants you have growing there, or into a runoff. If you are using environmentally safe detergents then you don't need to worry about any of this: pets, children and plants will not be adversely affected.  

Australia has a growing number of producers of environmentally friendly cleaning products, including heavy duty detergents, degreasers, mould treatments, even graffiti removers, and many more. A few of these are listed below.

EnviroSafe Solutions are based in Perth and they supply to businesses of all sizes anywhere in Australia.  They have a product line called Extreme Green which includes Mould Rid, Mineral Deposit Remover, Degreasers, Rust Removers, Graffiti Remover, Insect and Tar Remover, Truck Wash, Tile Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Disinfectant, a range of Detergents, and more.

Organic Clean, based in Byron Bay with stockists around Australia, have a great range of eco-safe, organic cleaning products for all specialty areas of the home. Their All-Purpose Cleaner can be used inside or outside on the walls. They also stock floor concentrates, BBQ & Grill Cleaners, Disinfectant, Bathroom Cleaners and more. 

Agar, with warehouses and distributors in each state except Tasmania, are a commercial and industrial supplier of environmentally friendly products and have a dozen different eco-friendly Heavy Duty Detergents, for use on all types of surfaces and in different conditions.

The Environmental Technologies Group began in Perth and now has its headquarters in Melbourne.  Their Ecogreen line includes the Multi Purpose Cleaner that works on all types of surfaces including walls, concrete and tiles and many more.

EnviroPlus is based in Western Australia and has centres and resellers around Australia and overseas. Their product particularly recommended for water blasters is e-Greenkleen.  Non-toxic, non-caustic, safe and phosphate free, this plant derived product is effective on all heavily soiled and/or greased surfaces. 

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