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Cold Storage facility pressure clean Malaga

We cleaned this cold storage room using food safe chemicals and hot water to get rid of contaminants on the ceiling and walls. Vacuum recovery equi...

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Tennis Court Cleaning in Rockingham

Cleaning tennis courts can be challenging to clean and get the best results without damaging the playing surface.
With these eleven tennis courts ...

New House Brick Cleaning News

Experienced Brick Cleaner Canterbury Bankstown

 Brick Cleaner in Canterbury Bankstown Area
When it comes to brick cleaning new construction work over the last 30years based in Sydney South West...
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Professional High Pressure Water Cleaning Truck 1

Aqua Capture Pty LTD in Brisbane QLD showing off their latest professional high pressure water cleaning system on truck whislt onsite cleaning a co...

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Top 6 Pressure-cleaning Tips

Following is the best advice for getting the job done right:
1. Use a professional pressure cleaner whom has had years of experience.
2. Use pre...
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Pressure Clean a 6 car driveway in 10 minutes

Check out this video on how to clean your driveway in 10 minutes or less.