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By Concrete Cleaning Company | GLEN ADAMS
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 Brick Cleaner in Canterbury Bankstown Area

When it comes to brick cleaning new construction work over the last 30years based in Sydney South West Canterbury Bankstown i have experienced a lot, every job is slightly different from the last job, the brickies labor may not have the right cement mix every time, its was his first day on the job, they added to much cement hardener, the brickies don`t wipe down walls at end of day leaving thick cement dags on wall behind, making the brick cleaning process longer by having to sometimes hand scrape the cement dags off brick walls before applying brick cement cleaning agent,

When cleaning bricks i ensure that at no time am i pitting the bricks, blowing out cement joints applying the right amount of acid, when to add neutralizer, what surfaces cannot take acid when cleaning well i know that stuff, as over the years you learn the hard way, sometimes you have to make a mistake to learn, i think by now after 30 years as a licensed brick cleaner with NSW Fair Trading, i have learnt not to make mistakes or problems for my clients.



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