Pressure Washing Safety Gear and Tips


Pressure Washing Safety Gear and Tips 

The good news about using a pressure washer is that almost all injuries that occur during pressure washing are entirely preventable.  A small amount of careful preparation makes all the difference.  

Basic Safety Gear 

*  Rubber soled boots or enclosed shoes.  Keep your grip on slippery surfaces and protect your feet from sudden injury. 

*  Safety glasses or goggles. The risk of damage to your eyes is high but protection is easy.

*  Work gloves. Cuts and abrasions to the hands, caused mainly by the pressurised water and its contents, are common injuries and can end the job before it begins. 

*  Long pants, preferably thick enough to protect against sand, gravel, wood chips, glass fragments or pieces of metal that the water can blast at you when you least expect it. 

*  Ear protection if you're using a petrol powered water blaster.  If your machine is electric the noise should not be a problem.

*  An extension wand is definitely preferable to trying to spray from a ladder. If you have to use a ladder it needs to be secured. 

*  If you are going up on the roof or otherwise pressure washing from any height, a safety harness is recommended.

A Few Safety Tips

1.  Before any pressure washing job take ten minutes to scout around the perimeter. Check that it's all clear and identify potential hazards. 

2.  Check all nearby electrical points or outlets. Ensure these are covered.  

3.  Check that nearby windows and vents are closed or sealed off.

4.  Keep pets and small children away while pressure spraying.

5.  Test the water pressure in a safe spot before you begin the wash.  Start with the widest angle spray tip and a low pressure, about half a meter from the test surface.  Adjust as required.  Then when you begin you will know that you have the most effective spray angle and most appropriate pressure for the surface material that you'll be spraying.

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