Useful Attachments for Your Pressure Washer

Published: 27-Nov-2018      Updated: 27-Jul-2020 By BWS

The Most Useful Attachments for Your Pressure Washer

Here are some of the most helpful attachments or accessories for general household pressure washing. 

1.  The surface cleaner, as seen in the video above. 
With a surface cleaner you are able to clean your patio, deck, carport, walkway or driveway faster and more evenly than without that attachment. When you use the surface cleaner you no longer need to worry about streaks and stripes, lines and patches on the deck, for example. The standard surface cleaner is usually around 15 inches (38 cm) in diameter, with smaller and lighter or larger, heavier models available as needed.  

Surface cleaners are usually round shaped with an enclosed rotating bar, and may have several small nozzles along that bar. The closed-in sides mean that sticks, stones or other debris do not go flying out into the surrounding area.

2.  Brushes and Brooms
The brush attachments for pressure washers are excellent for cleaning cars, utes and other vehicles, boats and their trailers, outdoor furniture,  solid sculptures and stonework, and all similar items. Most of the brushes rotate. They are available in different sizes and have different bristle strengths. Some have tough nylon bristles for heavy duty dirt removal while others are softer for more delicate cleaning. The brush attachments are lightweight and easy to use.

3.  Wands and Lances
Each pressure washer has its own standard wand for ordinary use, with a range of others being optional. You may want one that is longer or stronger. Steel wands are available.  Or, one that has an adjustable nozzle for regulating the water pressure as you spray.  Then there are telescopic wands or extension poles. 

Telescopic wands are invaluable when you are trying to clean areas that are beyond normal reach.  These wands are available in different lengths.  Some extend to about two metres, others go up to ten metres.  They all facilitate the pressure cleaning of areas of your home, vehicles,  boats etc, that are too high up for normal washing.  It is usually safer to use a telescopic wand than to try balancing on a ladder while pressure spraying.  

4.  Water Filters
If for some reason your water supply is cloudy, muddy, gritty or contains contaminants, there is a water filter that can be attached at the connecting tap. These water filters can be helpful if your supply is from a dam, for example. They are compact and are easily attached. 

Jul 27 '20

Awesome! I got all these attachments from my favorite pressure washer attachment is the telescopic pressure washer wand, surely saved me from climbing up dreaded stairs.

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