How to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway

28-Nov-2018 By BWS

How to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway, using your pressure washer

Petrol, diesel, oil, grease and other fluid from parked vehicles have left stains on the concrete floor of your carport and along the driveway. These stains have been there for at least several weeks. How do you remove them and restore the clean and clear appearance of your driveway? 

Along with your pressure washer you will need a strong scrubbing brush or a tough outdoor yard broom.  

The cleaning product you will need is a degreaser. For example, CRC Exoff Hard Surface Cleaner or CLR Oil and Grease Remover or any one of a number of similar products, all of which are available at general hardware outlets. These products can remove oil, grease and dirt as well as any stains caused by most automotive fluids, without damaging the concrete.

Begin by reading the application instructions for your selected degreaser. Then, steps are as follows.

1.  Have your pressure washer ready to use on the concrete. 

2.  Ensure the selected concrete area is clear of all vehicles, bikes or other items,  and that it has been swept clean of any debris.

3.  Apply the recommended amount of degreaser to the stained area, according to the product instructions. 

4.  Leave the product on the concrete for two or three minutes. (Don't let it dry out.) 

5.  The degreaser now needs to be scrubbed into the concrete with a strong scrubbing brush or tough yard broom. 

6.   Leave it for at least ten minutes. Longer is okay.

7.   Now wash it away, using only water in your pressure washer. 

8.  Check the concrete area in 24 hours. If some of the stain has resurfaced, repeat the process. 

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