Rendered Blue Board House Washing

House Washing Forestville

11-Jan-2024 By Pressure Cleaning Sydney Northern Beaches | Glen Adams
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Rendered blue board is a product used on many new homes and renovations in my location of Sydney Northern Beaches, House washing of rendered blue board is a service we have provided since invented by James Hardie.

Rendered blue board is a durable product that can handle low pressure water cleaning without compromising the surface, the photos attached is Forestville house wash job, the mould was evident on the south side walls which is quite common across Sydney homes.

Depending on your colour choice mould, rain water and ground dirt splashing up over walls can leave unsightly evident marks on your house exterior walls over time. Dont be so concerned as this dirt can be easily cleaned using appropriate cleaning products to break down dirt, mould, bird excrement and any other foreign matter that has attached to your home walls etc arrange a quote.

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