Pressure Washing to Remove Mould

15-Nov-2018 By BWS
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Are there signs of mould appearing on your home?  

If so, you may wish to consider these points.

1. Roadside dust, dirt, mould, grime, dead foliage, moss, bird droppings, insects, cobwebs, smog and pollution:  all of these accumulate gradually, even imperceptibly over time.  When you become clearly aware that your home has a layer of dark film enveloping it, that layer has already been taking a toll, on the house itself as well as on the people and pets who live there.

2.  Some of the harm caused by the build-up of grime on the outside of a house can affect the condition of the home's interior. Mould and mildew in particular will continue to grow and to seep through the walls. It is essential to clean the outside of your home before you begin noticing dark stains, mould spores, damp patches and even bulges on the inside of any walls. Simply wiping down the inside walls will not end the problem. 

3.  Health problems that are caused or aggravated by mould in the home include breathing difficulties, from coughing and wheezing to asthma attacks and other serious lung conditions. Mould also contributes to eye and skin irritations, sore throats, sleeping difficulties and allergies, and it has been linked with depression. Pressure washing your home of all traces of mould on the outside walls is one clear step towards prevention of such problems or towards resolving them if they are already present. 

4.  Persons most at risk include children and infants, older people, those with existing health problems and anyone who spends a significant amount of time inside their home.

5.  If your home has been affected by flooding at all, a thorough pressure washing is essential to protect the health of occupants and to restore the condition of the building itself.

6. Pressure washing professionals will be able to advise on, and to treat, specific mould problems around the exterior of your home. Certain detergents used in your pressure wash can help prevent the return of mould, once it has been removed.

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