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Granite Cleaning in Perth

Nov 25 '21

Granite Floor Cleaning Services Perth
We recently were asked to pressure clean granite stone tiles in a new Perth restaurant. To complicate matter... Advice and tips

Highly Experienced Pressure Cleaning Services Perth

Oct 21 '21

Pressure Cleaning Service Satisfaction Guarantee
Clients in our industry want a few things:
They want to talk to a pressure cleaning contractor i... Advice and tips

Professional Quality Service

Sep 28 '21

The question is often asked by customers when choosing between different suppliers. Whilst experience and quality workmanship are importa... Advice and tips

Stencilcrete Driveway Clean and Seal Narellan Vale

Jun 11 '21

Stencilcrete Driveway Clean and Seal at Narellan ValeĀ 
Stencilcrete driveways need to be resealed to preserve the colour otherwise it will fade an...

High Reach Pressure Cleaning Gun
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High Reach Pressure Washing

Aug 11 '20

We are demonstrating washing a commercial brick building that has many years of mould on building facade and some new cement mortar repairs recently done, can be cleaned using a 7mtre long high reach pressure cleaning gun comfortable from the ground. We avoided hiring a scissor lift saving the customer money.
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Ride On High Pressure Water Cleaning

Apr 30 '20

Servo Clean in Perth WA are leading the way in re inventing how to clean concrete floors with this modified electric wheelchair turned into a ride ...
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Paver Sealing Protection

Feb 11 '20

Looking to seal your pavers in Newcastle area NSW, Protecting your pavers with a quality sealer will continue to enhance the surface for many years...
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Vacuum Recovery High Pressure Water Cleaning

Feb 11 '20

This video showcase`s vacuum recovery high pressure water cleaning of a large commercial concrete floor area. Removing the surface coating and vacu...

Pressure washing brick house
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Pressure Washing an Older Brick Home

Dec 20 '18

To pressure wash an older brick home safely, a small amount of preparation can be very helpful.

oil stains from concrete driveway
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How to remove oil stains from a concrete driveway

Nov 28 '18

A pressure washer can help with removing stains from a concrete driveway and restoring its condition and appearance.