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cleaning solar panels
Advice and tips

How to clean solar panels

Nov 27 '18

If the surfaces of solar panels become scratched this affects their ability to generate power. How to clean them safely?

sandstone wash
Advice and tips

Pressure Washing Sandstone Buildings - Care is Needed

Nov 26 '18

Pressure washing a sandstone building with too strong a force may cause damage, particularly if the sandstone is inadequately sealed.

sandstone pavers pressure washed
Advice and tips

Pressure washing sandstone pavers & walkways

Nov 25 '18

Pressure washing sandstone pavers is a simple and rapid way of cleaning them, with brilliant results.

roof cleaning - tiles bunnings
Advice and tips

Cleaning Roofs of Different Materials 1

Nov 25 '18

For cleaning most roofs, use a soft wash. Within that context, different roofing materials require different cleaning methods.

roof wash compilation
Tools and Equipment

Pressure Washing Your Roof - DIY or Professionals?

Nov 24 '18

Should you pressure wash your own roof? Or call in your local professional roof cleaning team?

dog and child and pressure washer
Advice and tips

Pressure Washers, Children and Pets - Don't Mix

Nov 22 '18

Keep pets and small children at a safe distance while you are pressure washing.

pressure washer safety
Tools and Equipment

Pressure Washing Safety Gear and Tips

Nov 22 '18

Basic safety equipment and guidelines for a problem-free pressure wash. Advice and tips

Pressure Washing an Older Weatherboard House

Nov 21 '18

If you're about to pressure wash an older weatherboard building, a small amount of preparation will make a big difference in achieving a good result.

adding detergent (karcher vid)
Tools and Equipment

Child and Pet-Safe Detergents for Your Pressure Washer

Nov 19 '18

Enviro-safe detergents to use in pressure washing, available in Australia

bunnings - pressure washing a deck
Advice and tips

Safely Pressure Wash a Timber Deck or Fence

Nov 18 '18

Pressure wash a deck or wooden fence safely, to avoid damaging the timber.