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How many ways can a high-pressure clean help you with your property maintenance? Read on to find out.

16-Feb-2022 By Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Contractors - Free
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Do you have a lingering home maintenance job that you just can’t bring yourself to tackle? Maybe it’s a grimy shade cloth that takes the shine off your float in the pool or the build-up of moss on your tiled roof or concrete driveway that is the eyesore of your otherwise immaculate house and garden.  
Perhaps you have had this cleaning job on your to-do list all summer, but the overwhelm of having to do everything else, as well as the desire to enjoy your oh so valuable downtime, has stopped you from tackling it.

Well, here’s some good news. You don’t have to. You don’t have to sacrifice your precious family time or miss out on catching up with friends because you have to slog through a to-do list as long as your arm. All you need to do is ask for help. Why knock yourself out struggling with your home maintenance when there are professionals with the equipment, skills, and experience to do it?

At Roof to Floor Maintenance, we can help you with a range of residential and commercial maintenance cleans. Let us remove some of that overwhelm. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Just ask us how.



Whether a single storey building or a high-rise block, we clean all surfaces, including window cleaning, render cleaning, brick cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and sign washing. We remove scum that has built up over the years. For example, mould, water stains, environmental man-made pollution, car fumes, smoke and fire damage restoration cleaning, pigeon poo. We can also install bird spikes and nettings.


The regular cleaning of shade sails ensures their full value can be appreciated and ensures a longer fabric life. We service commercial buildings, hotels & clubs, child care centres, schools, shops, council structures.


Dirty concrete driveway or paved areas can make your property look run down and detract from its value. At Roof to Floor Maintenance, we bring the love back to your home or commercial hard surface areas, helping to raise property value or attract customers to your commercial business: we clean stencilcrete, pebble concrete, pavement, brick pavers, and pattern concrete. We remove oil stains and provide driveway sealing services, concrete sealing, and brick paver sealing using hot water high-pressure cleaning.


We clean all roof surfaces, including concrete roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles, and metal roofs. We remove all traces of mould and grime build-up, restoring the surfaces to near new again.


A home tennis court is a valuable asset that adds value to your house, but it can quickly become a liability if poorly maintained. The same is true for tennis clubs, sports centres, local councils, schools and hotels, and resorts with hard surface playing areas. Surfaces should be regularly cleaned and maintained to provide a safe playing surface for years and ensure they do not degrade and need expensive repairs. We clean tennis hard courts, netball courts, cricket pitches, handball, and basketball courts all over Adelaide.


Have a graffiti problem that needs to be taken care of? We remove graffiti across Adelaide quickly. We understand sometimes offensive graffiti needs to be removed immediately. After removing graffiti, we can apply anti-graffiti protective coating if the surface warrants protection, a sacrificial or non-sacrificial coating protection can be applied. We also take care of lead paint removal and perform a brick restoration.


We clean large car parks for shopping centres, multi-level car parking stations, commercial building basement parking areas, and strata unit underground car parking bays. We can perform line marking removal if required and oil stain removal from concrete using hot water pressure. This enables us to remove heavy oil stains, exhaust fumes build-up, and chewing gum removal around high traffic areas. 


We offer a complete chewing gum removal service all over Adelaide. We can enter a service arrangement to manage concrete or paved areas to all Adelaide councils and shopping centres, schools, property managers for regular exterior ground maintenance cleaning.


We can pressure clean local RSL Club buildings and memorial sites to look their very best for the remembrance ceremonies.  We clean RSL centres, war memorials, statues and monuments, church fronts, graves, and headstones. We can use hot and cold, high and low-pressure water cleaning for sandstone cleans, old brick restoration, skylight, roof and window washes. 

Head to our Full Services List to see our range of services, then give Richard a call on 0412 204 645 or email to discuss how Roof to Floor Maintenance can help you. 

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