Pressure Cleaning: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide.

Need convincing to hire a high-pressure cleaner in Adelaide? Read on.

31-Jul-2021 By Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Contractors - Free
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We all know the story – life is full-on. Between busy work and social calendars, juggling the kid’s school and sports commitments, being there for family and friends — life can be overwhelming. You have a to-do list longer than your arm, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to glance at it; never mind tick something off.

So, when it comes to all those maintenance jobs around the house or business, you just don’t have time to think about hiring a professional pressure cleaner. And when you do think about it, there are so many reasons that come to mind why you shouldn’t hire one. Do any of these sound familiar: I can do it myself. I don’t have the money to pay a high-pressure cleaning contractor. Can I trust them to do a proper job? Is a high-pressure cleaner suitable for what I need to be cleaned?

We get it. It’s confusing – that’s why we are here. We understand your concerns and are here to
help answer some of your questions.

1. I can do it myself.

Perhaps. You can certainly hire a pressure cleaner from Bunnings or Kennards Hire. But what cleaning agent do you need for your job? Choosing the wrong type could damage some surfaces. Do you have the proper safety equipment? Personal protective equipment is required to protect you from debris that can get disturbed during the process. Also, some materials used in old buildings should not be pressure cleaned. The nature of pressure cleaning means some surfaces can be disturbed – you don’t want to risk flaking paint that releases lead fragments or exposing asbestos from old insulation or corrugated roof material. We can discuss these issues in our initial contact and assess the area to see if high-pressure cleaning is suitable.

2. I have heard high-pressure cleaning is expensive.

It’s true, professional pressure cleaning jobs will cost more than DIY. However, when you think of the cost to fix any damage or the risk of personal injury if anything goes wrong (think ladders on slippery surfaces, working at heights, etc.), then the cost outweighs the risk. We will meet with you to discuss your job, so we are aware of the full scope of the work and can provide you with a realistic quote – guaranteeing there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job.

3. Can I trust a pressure cleaning contractor to do a proper job?

Roof to Floor Maintenance is a family-owned Adelaide business that has been operating for over 18 years. Over time we have learnt a thing or two about high-pressure cleaning. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and commitment to our customers. But don’t take our word for it. Head over to our Facebook page to read our customer reviews.

4. Is a high-pressure cleaner suitable for what I need to be cleaned?

As a small family-owned business, we have the flexibility to adapt to individual customer needs. We will meet with you to discuss your maintenance requirement and see if pressure cleaning is suitable and discuss your options before quoting. We provide a range of residential and commercial pressure cleaning services. You can head to our Full Services List to see our full range. 

So, can we help you with your high-pressure cleaning needs?

Now that you've worked through some of your concerns regarding hiring a pressure cleaning company, give Richard a call on 0412 204 645 or email to discuss how Roof To Floor Maintenance can help you. Perhaps high-pressure cleaning won't be suitable for your job, but you will never know if you never ask.


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