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Constructive Cleaning Group
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Constructive Cleaning Group
We do the tough jobs so that you don’t have to.
High pressure cleaning saves you hours – even days – of scrubbing, exposure to chemicals, water wastage and backbreaking hard work. If roof cleaning, driveway cleaning and external house cleaning sound to you like perfect ways to destroy a weekend (and your health), we agree!

Constructive Cleaning Group Brisbane is the most logical solution.
Our cleaning team have been providing top notch high pressure cleaning services in and around Brisbane, large or small.

You can trust our cleaning to do the job right, first time:

Spare yourself the time, the hard work and the bad back.
Call Constructive Cleaning Group now 1300 19 19 33.
Our high pressure cleaning services include:
Exterior house cleaning, driveway cleaning, paver cleaning, patio cleaning, concrete cleaning, brick cleaning, tile cleaning, pathway cleaning, footpath cleaning, grout (exterior) cleaning, roof cleaning, builders’ final cleaning, construction cleaning, complete exterior house washing, water blasting, graffiti cleaning, metal sign cleaning, shopfront cleaning, carpark cleaning, garage floor cleaning, wall and fence cleaning. On to paint removal, paint removal for heritage or historic building with the use of environmentally friendly paint stripper, general acid washing, escalator step cleaning/painting. industrial cleaning, oil cooler cleaning, power station cleaning, dry ice blasting

* Flood cleaning & repairs
* Concrete Cleaning
* Driveway Cleaning
* Roof Cleaning
* Tile Cleaning
* Pathway Cleaning
* Pavement Cleaning
* Exterior House Washing
* Water Blasting
* Paver Cleaning
* Boat Cleaning
* Boat Ramp Cleaning
* Tennis Court Cleaning
* Brick Cleaning
* Builders Construction Cleaning
* Pressure Washing Maintenance Plans
Total High Pressure Water Cleaning Service In Brisbane